Study Phenotyping Study: Valley of the Yuruzan river


Valley of the Yuruzan river
Project name


Accession number Name Taxon
RU_PA_20_01 RU_PA_20_01 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_02 RU_PA_20_02 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_03 RU_PA_20_03 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_04 RU_PA_20_04 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_05 RU_PA_20_05 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_06 RU_PA_20_06 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_07 RU_PA_20_07 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_08 RU_PA_20_08 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_09 RU_PA_20_09 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_10 RU_PA_20_10 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_11 RU_PA_20_11 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_12 RU_PA_20_12 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_13 RU_PA_20_13 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_14 RU_PA_20_14 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_15 RU_PA_20_15 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_16 RU_PA_20_16 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_17 RU_PA_20_17 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_18 RU_PA_20_18 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_19 RU_PA_20_19 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_20 RU_PA_20_20 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_21 RU_PA_20_21 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_22 RU_PA_20_22 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_23 RU_PA_20_23 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_24 RU_PA_20_24 Picea abies
RU_PA_20_25 RU_PA_20_25 Picea abies


Variable ID Variable short name Variable long name Ontology name Trait description
CO_357:0000003 ANG_n5 Branch angle - rating on 5 Woody Plant Ontology Assessment of the branches angle
CO_357:0000021 COM Comments Woody Plant Ontology Observations on the tree, unsystematic and somewhat anecdotal
CO_357:0000022 DBH Tree diameter Woody Plant Ontology Diameter of the tree main stem
CO_357:0000035 FLX_n5 Flexuosity - rating on 5 Woody Plant Ontology Assessment of the flexuosity of the tree
CO_357:0000095 BarkT_mean Bark thickness mean Woody Plant Ontology Asessment of the thickness of the part of the stem that is external to the wood or xylem, including the vascular cambium: the bark
CO_357:0000096 NBF_mean Fruits/Cones number mean Woody Plant Ontology Assessment of the fructification
CO_357:0000098 DIST Distance individual/neighbor Woody Plant Ontology Distance between the sampled tree and its closest neighbors
CO_357:0000104 slope Individual slope Woody Plant Ontology Slope angle at the location of the tree
CO_357:0000106 elevation Elevation Woody Plant Ontology Elevation above sea level of the tree level
CO_357:0000111 HTm Tree total height in m Woody Plant Ontology Total height of the tree, from the ground to the tallest part of the crown


Role Name Email Institution
DataProvider Vladimir SEMERIKOV Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, Ural Division