Study Provenance and half sibling progeny trial: FD de Boucheville / LR850


FD de Boucheville / LR850
Project name
Started on 1998-01-16
Location name


Accession number Name Taxon
7149 C1 Sorbus domestica
7255 C2 Sorbus domestica
6688 NS-hs Sorbus domestica
6660 SD004-hs Sorbus domestica
6662 SD006-hs Sorbus domestica
6664 SD008-hs Sorbus domestica
6672 SD017-hs Sorbus domestica
6673 SD018-hs Sorbus domestica
6675 SD020-hs Sorbus domestica
6689 SD021-hs Sorbus domestica
6676 SD022-hs Sorbus domestica
6678 SD028-hs Sorbus domestica
6679 SD029-hs Sorbus domestica
6680 SD031-hs Sorbus domestica
6681 SD032-hs Sorbus domestica
6682 SD041-hs Sorbus domestica
6683 SD042-hs Sorbus domestica
6684 SD043-hs Sorbus domestica
6685 SD047-hs Sorbus domestica
6687 SD048-hs Sorbus domestica


Variable ID Variable short name Variable long name Ontology name Trait description
CO_357:0000019 CIR Tree circumference Woody Plant Ontology Circumference of the tree main stem
CO_357:0000021 COM Comments Woody Plant Ontology Observations on the tree, unsystematic and somewhat anecdotal
CO_357:0000048 HT Tree total height Woody Plant Ontology Total height of the tree, from the ground to the tallest part of the crown
CO_357:0000082 SUR Survival Woody Plant Ontology Assessment of the survival state of the tree

Data Set


Role Name Email Institution
Manager Denis VAUTHIER URFM - Ecologie des Forêts Méditerranéennes
Scientific Sylvie MURATORIO URFM - Ecologie des Forêts Méditerranéennes

Additional information

Bloc number 20
Genetic unit number 20
Initial spacing 4x5m
Plot number per bloc 6
Seedling number per plot 3
Total area 1
Total seedling number 720