Study Half sibling progeny trial: Chateau de Restinclières / LR360


Chateau de Restinclières / LR360
Project name
Started on 1996-03-21


Accession number Name Taxon
6657 SD001-hs Sorbus domestica
6658 SD002-hs Sorbus domestica
6659 SD003-hs Sorbus domestica
6660 SD004-hs Sorbus domestica
6661 SD005-hs Sorbus domestica
6662 SD006-hs Sorbus domestica
6663 SD007-hs Sorbus domestica
6664 SD008-hs Sorbus domestica
6665 SD010-hs Sorbus domestica
6666 SD011-hs Sorbus domestica
6667 SD012-hs Sorbus domestica
6668 SD013-hs Sorbus domestica
6669 SD014-hs Sorbus domestica
6670 SD015-hs Sorbus domestica
6671 SD016-hs Sorbus domestica
6672 SD017-hs Sorbus domestica
6673 SD018-hs Sorbus domestica
6674 SD019-hs Sorbus domestica
6676 SD022-hs Sorbus domestica
7256 se Sorbus domestica


Variable ID Variable short name Variable long name Ontology name Trait description
CO_357:0000003 ANG_n5 Branch angle - rating on 5 Woody Plant Ontology Assessment of the branches angle
CO_357:0000004 ANG_n3 Branch angle - rating on 3 Woody Plant Ontology Assessment of the branches angle
CO_357:0000019 CIR Tree circumference Woody Plant Ontology Circumference of the tree main stem
CO_357:0000021 COM Comments Woody Plant Ontology Observations on the tree, unsystematic and somewhat anecdotal
CO_357:0000022 DBH Tree diameter Woody Plant Ontology Diameter of the tree main stem
CO_357:0000048 HT Tree total height Woody Plant Ontology Total height of the tree, from the ground to the tallest part of the crown
CO_357:0000203 LPOUS Shoot length Woody Plant Ontology Total length of the shoot
CO_357:0000420 NAAT Number of years with terminal bud accident Woody Plant Ontology Recording of an accident on the terminal bud


Role Name Email Institution
Manager Denis VAUTHIER URFM - Ecologie des Forêts Méditerranéennes
Scientific Sylvie MURATORIO URFM - Ecologie des Forêts Méditerranéennes

Additional information

Genetic unit number 20
Initial spacing 5x5m
Total area 4.2
Total seedling number 1569