Study Provenance trial: Les Issambre / La Gaillarde


Les Issambre / La Gaillarde
Project name
Started on 1995-02-01
Location name


Accession number Name Taxon
6578 Andalucia occidental/Depresion del Guadalquivir Pinus pinea
36640 Antalya/Kumluca Pinus pinea
3918 Antalya/Serik Pinus pinea
36642 Artvin Pinus pinea
36649 Balikésir Pinus pinea
6605 Bechateur Pinus pinea
6588 Beit Mounzer Pinus pinea
6587 Bkassine Pinus pinea
3914 Bursa/Yalova Pinus pinea
3920 Canakkale Pinus pinea
6602 Cap Spartel Pinus pinea
6577 Cataluna/Littoral Pinus pinea
6581 Chalkidiki/Sithonia Pinus pinea
6580 Cordillera Ctral-Valles del Tietar y del Alberche Pinus pinea
6603 Dar Chichou Pinus pinea
3913 Feniglia (67) Pinus pinea
36644 Hyères Pinus pinea
6601 Izarène Pinus pinea
36639 Izmir/Bergama Pinus pinea
6585 Kornael Pinus pinea
3917 Kunupeli Pinus pinea
36648 Le Val Pinus pinea
6579 Meseta Castellana/Meseta Norte Pinus pinea
7301 Metochi (Patras) Pinus pinea
6584 Migliarino Pinus pinea
3923 Mugla/Yatagan Pinus pinea
6586 Qsaibe Pinus pinea
36651 Rimel Pinus pinea
36657 St Aygulf Pinus pinea
36656 St Raphaël Pinus pinea
36646 Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer Pinus pinea
36645 Villeneuvette Pinus pinea
6596 Vinassan Pinus pinea


Variable ID Variable short name Variable long name Ontology name Trait description
CO_357:0000039 FO_score_n4 Forking score - rating on 4 Woody Plant Ontology Assessment of forks position on the tree
CO_357:0000048 HT Tree total height Woody Plant Ontology Total height of the tree, from the ground to the tallest part of the crown
CO_357:0000060 NBF Fruits/Cones number Woody Plant Ontology Assessment of the fructification
CO_357:0000061 NBFO Forks number Woody Plant Ontology Assessment of forks quantity, appearance of sequential branches with an inclination angle greater than 45°

Data Set


Role Name Email Institution
Manager Denis VAUTHIER URFM - Ecologie des Forêts Méditerranéennes
Scientific Bruno FADY URFM - Ecologie des Forêts Méditerranéennes

Additional information

Bloc number 59
Genetic unit number 33
Initial spacing 4x2m
Plot number per bloc 10
Seedling number per plot 3
Total area 1.2
Total seedling number 2000