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14 events for this year

All events about the activities of URGI members.

14 Dec 2015 Webinar training on GnpIS
Here is the full video of the webinar: This webinar was using a virtual classroom to present and discuss the use of GnpIS ...
03 Nov 2015 Rapeseed data exploration in GnpIS
This training session is set up in the frame of the RapsoDyn project. It will present a tutorial on how to explore rapeseed data ...
20 Jul 2015 New departure : Delphine Steinbach
After 15 years at URGI, since the beginning of the Genoplante-Info and URGI story, Delphine Steinbach, will leave INRA URGI unit, the first of ...
01 Jul 2015 Workshop on “Mining plant variation data”
Workshop on “Mining plant variation data” Organised by the transPLANT Consortium1,July 01-03, 2015-->
26 Jun 2015 Webinar GnpIS : How to explore GWAS data in GnpIS
This webinar is set up using the e-learning platform of INRA in the frame of the AmaiZing project. It presented a tutorial on how ...
11 Jun 2015 Cluster job submission training @URGI
A training session will be held at URGI the 11th of June, in the frame of the URGI platform Plant and Fungi ...
Update: 05 Feb 2015
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