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12 events for this year

All events about the activities of URGI members .

13 Dec 2011 URGI Bioinformatics Platform 2012 Projects Call
Platform Projects Call for Proposals, open to INRA Plants Breeding Genetics Department (GAP), Closure date 1rst March 2012If interested: Ask for the form and ...
14 Nov 2011 INRA Guadeloupe developers at URGI
During the week from 14th to 18th November 2011, 2 developers from INRA Guadeloupe are working in the Genetic Resource team to prepare the ...
20 Oct 2011 Siregal User Scientific Committee 2011
The User Scientific Committee for Siregal will take place in Ploudaniel (near Brest, Bretagne) during the 'Journées d'animation autour des Centres de Ressources Génétiques ...
28 Sep 2011 GnpIS Wheat training session at Clermont-Ferrand
GnpIS training and feedback session focused on user needs about Wheat data.Animation:Michael Alaux, Delphine Steinbach, Daphné Verdelet, Baptiste Brault
04 Jun 2011 Vitis vinifera annotation jamboree
Apollo training and annotation jamboree on Vitis vinifera genome sequence
We organize an Apollo training and an annotation Jamboree for the international grape community.Location ...
03 Jun 2011 URGI Platform CSU Day
The next user meeting commitee (CSU) of the URGI bioinformatic platform is organized in Versailles the 14th of June 2011. This event is open ...
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