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 The Generic Genome Browser (GBrowse) is a genome viewer and is GMOD's most popular component. It is a combination of database and interactive web pages for manipulating and displaying annotations on genomes.We use the GBrowse flexible adaptor ...

GBrowse_syn, or the Generic Synteny Browser, is a GBrowse-based synteny browser designed to display multiple genomes, with a central reference species compared to two or more additional species. It can be used to view multiple sequence alignment data, synteny or ...

The GRS was developped to produce various and user-friendly web interfaces on genome annotations. It uses structural and functional annotations stored in Chado database (GMOD schema).

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URGI Transcriptome web interface page.The database is a repository for all transcriptome data such as microarray or macroarray data.

 GnpIS is a multispecies integrative information system dedicated to plant and fungi pests. It bridges genetic and genomic data, allowing researchers access to both genetic information (e.g. genetic maps, quantitative trait loci, association genetics, markers, polymorphisms, germplasms, phenotypes and genotypes) and genomic data (e.g. ...

Update: 02 Dec 2011
Creation date: 31 May 2011