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16 events for this year

All events about the activities of URGI members .

23 Dec 2010 URGI Bioinformatics Platform 2011 Projects Call
Platform Projects Call for Proposals, open to INRA Plants Breeding Genetics Department (GAP), Closure date 1rst March 2011
10 Dec 2010 Science publication and INRA press communication
INRA (URGI and BIOGER) have been involved in a BBSRC-INRA joint project research project aiming to explains why barley powdery mildew fungus is biotrophic. ...
03 Dec 2010 2 Newcomers
The team welcomes two newcomers :
  • Yufei Luo in the "Genomic resources" team on October
  • -->
02 Dec 2010 Siregal and Ephesis steering comitee.
The Ephesis and Siregal steering comitee meeting is scheduled for the 2nd of December in Paris.
22 Nov 2010 Apollo training and jamboree
Apollo training and jamboree on Vitis vinifera, Botrytis cinerea and Leptosphaeria maculans genome sequences
  • Location: INRA, FP, Versailles, 3 days
  • Animation: J. ...
04 Nov 2010 Annual CGI (CATI in Genomics Info) meeting
This meeting takes place the november 4 - 5th 2010 at Amphitheater Versailles INRA center. During these 2 days, all members of the CATI ...

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