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16 events for this year

All events about the activities of URGI members .

28 Oct 2010 PhD defense of Timothée Flutre
Thèse de Doctorat (PhD) de l'Université Paris Diderot, école doctorale "Frontières du Vivant", attribuée avec les félicitations du jury (summa cum laude).Members of the ...
08 Oct 2010 CSU Ephesis Q4 2010
The third 2010 CSU is scheduled the 20th October by videoconference with all the project partners.
01 Jul 2010 CSU Platform
The next CSU meeting for URGI bioinformatics platform will take place the 1rst July 2010, 10h-17H30 at Amphitheatre of Versailles ...
17 Jun 2010 GnpSNP project CSU (videoconference)
The next meeting of the users of GnpSNP (CSU) is organized by videoconference the thursday 15 of June.
10 Jun 2010 Siregal CSU in Bordeaux
The next meeting of the Siregal User Scientific Committee will take place at INRA Bordeaux, the 10th June 2010.
12 May 2010 Workshop RENABI-IDF: APLIBIO
Presentation of URGI workflow dedicated to SNPs identification and its integration in 'Galaxy' tool.

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