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URGI has established a SMQ and is committed to satisfy applicable requirements (from users, legals and stakeholders), taking into account the specificities of a research unit hosting a bioinformatics platform. As part of its activities, the management team is committed to the continuous improvement of its quality management system and to ensure the availability of the competent personnel and of equipment.  

Each member is engaged in the quality process in order to contribute to management, research (bioinformatics studies for plants and pests genetics and genomics) and platform (bioinformatics support to plants and pests genetic and genomic studies) activities.

The URGI QMS has been certified ISO 9001:2008 in October 2012 by the LRQA certifier organization. We are now certified ISO 9001:2015 since July 2019 by the Bureau Veritas certifier organization.


The scope of application domain concerns :
 * Perform genome analyses, develop an information system for data integration and knowledge development (Research activities: bioinformatics studies for plants and pests genetics and genomics ), 
* Provide tools for sequence analysis, offer computing resources, integrate data into the information system, support research projects (Platform activities: bioinformatics support to plants and pests genetic and genomic studies). 


Projects Goals

G1 - Consolidate the FAIRness of the repository and data quantity
G2 - Consolidate and develop tools sustaining the data federation
G3 - Further adapt the genome analysis tools to the genome deluge
G4 - Enlarge the analysis of impact of repeats on genome evolution to its integrated virome.
G5 - Data integration and knowledge development on genome evolution drivers and their impacts on traits

Update: 11 Jun 2020
Creation date: 08 Feb 2013