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Biological data warehouse

InterMine is an open source data warehouse built specifically for the integration and analysis of complex biological data. Developed by the Micklem lab at the University of Cambridge, InterMine enables the creation of biological databases accessed by sophisticated web query tools. Parsers are provided for integrating data from many common biological data sources and formats, and there is a framework for adding your own data. InterMine includes an attractive, user-friendly web interface that works 'out of the box' and can be easily customised for your specific needs, as well as a powerful, scriptable web-service API to allow programmatic access to your data.

URGI platfom provides 2 integrated databases:

  • GrapeMine Public access , containing many types of data for Grapevine
  • Wheat3Mine Public access  containing many types of data for Wheat chromosome 3B


  • The TransPLANT FP7 european project (EU 7th Framework Programme, contract number 283496)    europe
  •   logo INRAE

Access mode(s):

Web free access
Web restricted access

Update: 24 Sep 2015
Creation date: 07 Aug 2014