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31 Oct 2012 First User transPLANT training workshop at URGI campus

First User transPLANT european training workshop will be help at INRA URGI Campus, from 12-13 November 2012. It will focus on triticeae resources (Wheat and Barley). Teaching will be done by INRA URGI, INRA GDEC Clermont Ferrand, EML-EBI, IPK Gaterleben, MIPS - Helmholtez Center in Munich and will concern bioinformatics tools (databases) and pipelines that exist in the different institutes. 50 people are registered coming from several institutes, universities or private compagnies in Europe (John Innes, IPK Gatersleben, James Hutton, IRD, INRA, University of Dundee, of Helsinky, Bristol, Nottingam, Syngenta, Biogemma, Florimont-Desprez...). The workshop is organized by Manuel Spannagl from MIPs and at local level by Delphine Steinbach, INRA URGI. transPLANT project is a consortium of 11 european partners gathered to address the challenges of complex plant genome data integration and to develop a trans-national infrastructure for plant genomic science. See transplantDb web site and URGI TansPLANT project page . to get details on the training session

Update: 20 Dec 2013
Creation date: 31 Oct 2012