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URGI members are underlined in authors list. In the talks sections, names in bold are the speakers.

There are different types of publications, Papers with reading comittee (ACL), Papers in books (ACT), Invited talks (INV), Talks (COM), Posters (COM), Specialised Media and Press (SMP) and Thesis.

ACL (papers with reading comittee)
ACL (papers with reading comittee) 02 Jul 2013 RNA at 92°C: The non-coding transcriptome of the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus abyssi.
Claire Toffano-Nioche et al.
RNA biology
The non-coding transcriptome of the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus abyssi is investigated using the RNA-seq ...
ACL (papers with reading comittee) 25 Jun 2013 Detection of non-coding RNA in Bacteria and Archaea using the DETR'PROK Galaxy pipeline.
Claire Toffano-Nioche et al.
RNA-seq experiments are now routinely used for the large scale sequencing of transcripts. In ...
ACL (papers with reading comittee) 12 Jun 2013 Pan genome of the phytoplankton Emiliania underpins its global distribution
Read et al.
Coccolithophores have influenced the global climate for over 200 million years. These marine phytoplankton ...
ACL (papers with reading comittee) 09 Jun 2013 The Capsella rubella genome and the genomic consequences of rapid mating system evolution
Slotte et al.
Nature genetics
The shift from outcrossing to selfing is common in flowering plants, but the genomic ...
ACL (papers with reading comittee) 29 Apr 2013 Identification of a novel microRNA (miRNA) from rice that targets an alternatively spliced transcript of the Nramp6 (Natural resistance-associated macrophage protein 6) gene involved in pathogen resistance
Sonia Campo et al.
New Phytologist
  • Plants have evolved efficient defence mechanisms to defend themselves from pathogen attack. ...
ACL (papers with reading comittee) 15 Feb 2013 Efficient comparison of sets of intervals with NC-lists
Matthias Zytnicki et al.
Motivation: High-throughput sequencing produces in a small amount of time a large amount of ...

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