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URGI members are underlined in authors list. In the talks sections, names in bold are the speakers.

There are different types of publications, Papers with reading comittee (ACL), Papers in books (ACT), Invited talks (INV), Talks (COM), Posters (COM), Specialised Media and Press (SMP) and Thesis.

INV (invited talks)
INV (invited talks) 01 Jul 2013 Dev Ops Ignition To Reach Galaxy Continuous Integration
Olivier Inizan et al.
Galaxy Comunity Conference, Oslo, 30 june - 2 july 2013
The DevOps is a software development movement that stresses a close relationship between software ...
INV (invited talks) 21 Mar 2013 Feedback on Quality
Hadi Quesneville
Journée nationale Qualité INRA 2013, Paris
This slideshow, presented by Hadi Quesneville during the "Journées nationales de la Qualité à ...
INV (invited talks) 13 Jan 2013 Impact of transposable elements on transcriptome: the example of Drosophila melanogaster
Hadi Quesneville et al.
International Plant & Animal Genome XXI / January 12-16, 2013  - San Diego, CA, USA
We studied transposable elements (TEs) impact on gene transcription using high-throughput sequencing (RNA-Seq). TEs, ...
COM (talks)
COM (talks) 31 Jul 2015 Sequencing and Assembling a Reference Sequence of the 1 Gb Wheat Chromosome 3B
Choulet Frédéric et al.
[Présentation orale]. IWGSC Wheat Genome Sequencing Strategy and Funding Workshop (2013-04-03-2013-04-04) Evry (FRA). In : IWGSC Wheat Genome Sequencing Strategy and Funding Workshop. 2013. n.p.
COM (talks) 02 Jan 2014 IWGSC Sequence Repository : new data and browsers
Michael Alaux et al.
International Wheat Genetics Symposium (IWGS) 12th 2013, Yokohama, Japan
Session: IWGSC workshop 7 Sept 2013
COM (talks) 12 Dec 2013 Applying a test strategy on legacy code
Olivier Inizan
9-12 décembre 2013 Ecully.
PEPI-IDL: Mettre en oeuvre une démarche de test en développement logiciel.In the context of ...

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