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Examples: Solyc00g005000.2.1, five_prime_UTR:Solyc00g005000.2.1.0, mRNA_SL2.40ch00_1, SL2.40ch00.g1.t1, SL2.40ch00_transcription_start_site_2, LEFL1056DG06, SL_FOS0207G13, RF00005, SGN-U603185, D3WBM3_9AQUA, YCF2_SOLTU, 1260_2_229, ms101_SL2.40ch00_RLX-incomp_Slyco_light-B-R3560-Map20_reversed, SL2.40ch00:4,990,000..5,189,999.
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Genes Eugene
Transcripts (Augustus, GeneID, GlimmerHmm )
SGN Unigenes
Microtom flcdnas
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- Association data (Avignon)
ASA Association analysis (Manhattan plot) CITRATE Association analysis (Manhattan plot) FRUCTOSE Avignon
ASA Avignon CITRATE Avignon FUCOSE Association analysis (Manhattan plot)
ASPARAGINE Association analysis (Manhattan plot) DHA Association analysis (Manhattan plot) FUCOSE Avignon
ASPARAGINE Avignon DHA Avignon GABA Association analysis (Manhattan plot)
ASPARTATE Association analysis (Manhattan plot) ERYTHRITOL Association analysis (Manhattan plot) GABA Avignon
ASPARTATE Avignon ERYTHRITOL Avignon MALATE Association analysis (Manhattan plot)
BRIX Association analysis (Manhattan plot) FRUCTOSE Association analysis (Manhattan plot) MALATE Avignon
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BAC BAC clone BAC Ends
- BRIX Avignon
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Genes (Augustus, GeneID) Transcripts (Augustus, GeneID, GlimmerHmm )  
Transcriptions site (start, end) tRNA trnascane  
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- Genes Models
Genes Eugene mRNA Eugene UTR Eugene
Introns Eugene Polypeptide Eugene  
- Infernal data
Transcript Infernal   
- Proteins Functional
Proteins (blastp ...)   
- REPET analysis
Repeat annotation   
- SGN data
SGN Loci SGN Markers SGN Unigenes
- CDNA Alignments data
Microtom flcdnas Transcripts sol Transcripts tomato
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Gene Eugene   
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Restriction Sites   

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