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International,  ACL (papers with reading comittee)

Data in Brief, 2020, 29 : 105201.

17 Feb 2020   High throughput phenotyping dataset related to seed and seedling traits of sugar beet genotypes

Ducournau, S. ; Charrier, A. ; Demilly, D. ; Wagner, M.-H. ; Trigui, G. ; Dupont, A. ; Hamdy ; Boudehri-Giresse ; Le Corre, L. ; Landais, L. ; Delanoue, A. ; Charruaud, D. ; Henry, K. ; Henry ; Ledroit, L. ; Durr, C.

Several seed and seedling traits are measured to evaluate germination and emergence potential in relation with environmental conditions. More generally, these traits are also measured in the field of ecology as simple traits that can be correlated to other adaptative traits more difficult to measure on adult plants, as for example traits of the rooting system. Methods were developed for deep high throughput phenotyping of hundreds of genotypes from dry seed to the end of heterotrophic growth. The present dataset comes from a project on genotyping and phenotyping of populations of genotypes, with different geographic and genetic origins so as to increase genotypic diversity of sugar beet in terms of germination and early growth traits, evaluated at low temperatures. Data were collected in relation to the creation of the first sugar beet crop ontology. This dataset corresponds to the first automated phenotyping of a population of 198 genotypes and 4 commercial control varieties and is hosted on INRAE public depository under the reference number,454/AKNF4Q. The equipment and methods presented here are available on a phenotyping platform opened to collaborative research and adaptable for specific services for characterizing thousands of genotypes on different crops or other species. The phenotyping values can also be linked to genomic information to study the genetic determinism of the trait values.

Creation date: 29 Feb 2020