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URGI members are underlined in authors list. In the talks sections, names in bold are the speakers.

There are different types of publications, Papers with reading comittee (ACL), Papers in books (ACT), Invited talks (INV), Talks (COM), Posters (COM), Specialised Media and Press (SMP) and Thesis.

INV (invited talks)
INV (invited talks) 01 Feb 2012 Conference on INRA, its missions, research, challenges
Delphine Steinbach et al.
Rotary Club, Coulommiers, 1st February 2012
Conference on INRA, its missions, research, challenges, to an audience not involved in Science, ...
INV (invited talks) 17 Jan 2012 In-silico mapping of my favorite gene using the survey sequence of wheat
Michael Alaux et al.
Plant & Animal Genomes XX Conference, January 14-18, San Diego, USASession: IWGSC Standards and ProtocolsRoom: Golden Ballroom
URGI is a research unit in genomics and bioinformatics at INRA (French National institute ...
COM (talks)
COM (talks) 15 Nov 2012 Forum des laboratoires INRA Versailles: Genomics and Algorithmics
Matthias Zytnicki et al.
INRA Versailles
Mutual contribution of genomics to algorithmics, and the other way around.
COM (talks) 27 Oct 2012 Grapevine genome and beyond
Adam-Blondon, A.-F. et al.
[Présentation orale]. 3. International Conference on Omics and Biotechnology in Fruit crops (2012-10-27-2012-10-29) Nanjing (CHN). 2012.
COM (talks) 11 Oct 2012 talk on the new Galaxy workflow dedicated to RNASeq NGS analysis
Delphine Steinbach et al.
Pasteur institute, 11th of October 2012
Talk given on the new Galaxy workflow dedicated to RNASeq NGS analysis. The pipeline ...
COM (talks) 11 Oct 2012 URGI bioinformatics platform talk: last news and updates
Delphine Steinbach
Pasteur institute, the 11th of October
Presentation of URGI bioinformatics platform: last news and updates, talk done at Aplibio bioinformatics ...
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Creation date: 31 Jan 2013