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URGI members are underlined in authors list. In the talks sections, names in bold are the speakers.

There are different types of publications, Papers with reading comittee (ACL), Papers in books (ACT), Invited talks (INV), Talks (COM), Posters (COM), Specialised Media and Press (SMP) and Thesis.

COM (communication)
27 Dec 2022 [hal-03883611] CAULIFINDER: a pipeline for the automated detection and annotation of caulimovirid endogenous viral elements in plant genomes

Abstract Plant, animal and protist genomes often contain endogenous viral elements (EVEs), which correspond ...
COM (communication)
27 Dec 2022 [hal-03890780] Characterization of Transposable Elements in Pangenomes

The impact of TEs in a genome is explored by searching for insertions events. ...
COM (communication)
30 Nov 2022 [hal-03876510] Transposable elements, from their annotation to their integration into knowledge graphs

Transposable elements (TEs) are major players of structure and evolution of eukaryote genomes. Thanks ...
COM (communication)
28 Nov 2022 [hal-03838843] Demo session : REPET
et al.
COM (communication)
19 Nov 2022 [hal-03858907] Survival and growth of 711 forest tree taxa in eight French arbore-tums from three different climate regions

Arboretums have been used for decades for scientific, educational, horticultural and aesthetic purposes. Recently, ...
COM (communication)
18 Nov 2022 [hal-03846467] Multiple Horizontal Acquisitions of Plant Genes in the Whitefly Bemisia tabaci

Abstract The extent to which horizontal gene transfer (HGT) has shaped eukaryote evolution remains ...
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