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22 news for this year
14 Dec 2017 New accessions from AKER project
There are 10630 new accessions in the AKER collection.
29 Nov 2017 Wheat Phenotyping network available in RDF!
The INRA Small Grain Cereals Phenotyping Network dataset (doi:10.15454/1.4489666216568333E12) has ben successfully converted to the RDF semantic data format and is publicly available ...
17 Nov 2017 GnpIS version 17.2 is available
Major news are:
  • MetaQTL data are displayed in SyntenyViewer (ex: Wheat v2 dataset)
  • Pea AMS population (-->
16 Nov 2017 1 trainee position available at URGI
A 6 month position is available at URGI for a Master 2 work experience.Applicant will perform an exploratory work on a graph database for ...
09 Nov 2017 1 web developer position available at URGI
A non permanent position is available at URGI for a web developper. His, her, mission will be to maintain and improve the distributed datadiscovery ...
18 Oct 2017 Standardizing phenotyping experimental data
URGI organizes a webinar for BRC managers, biologists and data curators who wish to format and publish their phenotypic data under Open Access standards. ...

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