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31 news for this year

All news about tools, banks, data, .... .

14 Feb 2014 GnpIS version 13.3 is now available
GnpIS version 13.3 is now available. Major new functionalities and improvements are:
  • New Association Genetics experiment application:
    • GWAS studies ...
14 Feb 2014 Diploid wheat species assemblies are publicly available
Diploid wheat species WGS assemblies are publicly  available for download.
28 Jan 2014 New S-MART release: version 1.1.4 is out
The new S-MART version contains several bug fixes and new functionality. Enjoy!
11 Jan 2014 Intermine for Grapevine (GrapeMine V1.0)
Intermine, a new advanced tool is now installed on GnpIS portal (GrapeMine V1.0) : It provides users a new tool to mine GnpIS grapevine ...
09 Jan 2014 Survey sequence and Gene models are publicly available
Survey sequence assemblies and Gene models download are publicly available.
08 Jan 2014 A new version of the grapevine genome assembly
A new version of the chromosome assembly of the grapevine genome is available -->

Creation date: 24 Feb 2015