Study Phenotyping Study: Syngenta Debrecen 2011


Syngenta Debrecen 2011
From 2011-05-13 to 2011-10-11
Location name


Accession number Name Taxon
A310_H A310_H Zea mays var. A310
A347_H A347_H Zea mays var. A347
A374_H A374_H Zea mays var. A374
B100_H B100_H Zea mays var. B100
B104_H B104_H Zea mays var. B104
B105_H B105_H Zea mays var. B105
B73_H B73_H Zea mays var. B73
B84_H B84_H Zea mays var. B84
B89_H B89_H Zea mays var. B89
B97_H B97_H Zea mays var. B97
EP52_H EP52_H Zea mays var. EP52
EZ11A_H EZ11A_H Zea mays var. EZ11A
EZ37_H EZ37_H Zea mays var. EZ37
EZ47_H EZ47_H Zea mays var. EZ47
F1808_H F1808_H Zea mays var. F1808
F1890_H F1890_H Zea mays var. F1890
F7028_H F7028_H Zea mays var. F7028
F838_H F838_H Zea mays var. F838
F894_H F894_H Zea mays var. F894
F912_H F912_H Zea mays var. F912
FR19_H FR19_H Zea mays var. FR19
LH38_H LH38_H Zea mays var. LH38
MS153_H MS153_H Zea mays var. MS153
NC290_H NC290_H Zea mays var. NC290
Oh02_H Oh02_H Zea mays var. Oh02
Oh33_H Oh33_H Zea mays var. Oh33
Oh43_H Oh43_H Zea mays var. Oh43
PH207_H PH207_H Zea mays var. PH207
PHH93_H PHH93_H Zea mays var. PHH93
Pa405_H Pa405_H Zea mays var. Pa405
UH250_H UH250_H Zea mays var. UH250
UH_P089_H UH_P089_H Zea mays var. UH_P089
W64A_H W64A_H Zea mays var. W64A


Variable ID Variable short name Variable long name Ontology name Trait description
EIPO:0000001 Tnight Night temperature Environmental Traits Air night temperature
EIPO:0000002 Ri Solar radiation Environmental Traits Solar radiation
EIPO:0000003 Psi Soil water potential Environmental Traits Water potential at three depths
EIPO:0000005 Tmax Maximum air temperature Environmental Traits Maximum air temperature
MIPO:0000006 PTHT Plant height (cm) Maize Traits Plant height from the base to the top part (in reproductive stages to the top of the tassel).
MIPO:0000007 EARHT Ear insertion height (cm) Maize Traits Plant height from base to the insertion of the top (uppermost) ear.
MIPO:0000012 TKW Thousand kernel weight (g) Maize Traits Grain weight of mature kernels.
MIPO:0000014 TL Tassel length (cm) Maize Traits Tassel size.
MIPO:0000017 GN Grain number Maize Traits Grain number
MIPO:0000018 GY_Adj_tha Grain yield Maize Traits Grain yield per unit area, either field weight basis, dry weight basis or adjusted.
MIPO:0000024 FFLW_D20deg Female flowering days to silking D20deg Maize Traits Silking time
MIPO:0000025 MFLW_D20deg Male flowering days to anthesis D20deg Maize Traits Anthesis time
MIPO:0000026 ASI_D20deg Anthesis to silking interval D20deg Maize Traits Anthesis silking interval


Role Name Email Institution
Submitter Claude WELCKER GCIE - UE Grandes Cultures, Innovation, Environnement
Submitter Emilie MILLET Wageningen University and Research
Submitter Fran├žois TARDIEU GCIE - UE Grandes Cultures, Innovation, Environnement