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Examples: lm_SuperContig_0_v2:130000..150000, lm_SuperContig_0_v2:1840000..1870000, lm_SuperContig_13_v2:1330000..1350000, lm_SuperContig_13_v2:1350000..1377000, lmctg_1147_v2, lmctg_0007_v2, lm_SuperContig_38_v2:1..8000.
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Gene (Eugene prediction)
SN15 proteins (Blastx)
L. maculans RefTEs (REPET)
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- ESTs and EST_CTG
cDNA B. Howlett lab (sim4) L. maculans EST contigs v6 (sim4) L. maculans ESTs (sim4)
- Predictions
CDS (Eugene prediction) Gene (Eugene prediction)  
Fgenesh prediction (masked genome) tRNA prediction  
- Proteins
Fungal proteins 10 best hits (Blastx) Swissprot 10 best hits (Blastx)  
SN15 proteins (Blastx) Trembl 10 best hits (Blastx)  
- Repeats
AT_Regions Low_complexity_Region  
L. maculans RefTEs (REPET) SSR (RepeatMasker)  
- Overview
AT_regions contigs Lm_RefTEs
- Analysis
DNA/GC_content Lm_contigs  
Lm_BES Restriction Sites  

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