Study : Ribosomes act as cryosensors in plants


Ribosomes act as cryosensors in plants
Cold temperatures are a threat to temperate plants, and Arabidopsis thaliana has acquired an adaptive gene expression network controlled by CBF transcription factors. The CBFs are sufficient to enable plants to survive otherwise lethal subzero temperatures. Constitutive CBF expression causes delayed flowering and stunted growth, and plants have evolved the ability to restrict CBF expression to occur only in the cold. This allows plants to anticipate likely freezing events and selectively deploy cold tolerance. The mechanism by which cold stress is sensed is however unknown. Here we show that protein translation rates in plants are proportional to temperature, and reduced translation rates trigger a rise in intracellular free calcium that activates the CAMTA transcription factors, and these directly activate cold-induced gene expression. Overall design: Single samples were taken at each time point. RNA-Seqs and ChIP-Seqs were performed for different genotypes at different temperature and objective time.


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