Study : Identification of non-coding RNA in sweet sorghum under salt stress


Identification of non-coding RNA in sweet sorghum under salt stress
Salt stress has become one of the main abiotic stress factors restricting agricultural production worldwide. Sweet sorghum is an important salt and drought tolerant feed and energy crop. Its salt tolerance mechanism has not been widely studied. With the development of transcriptome sequencing technology, it is possible to study the molecular mechanism of sweet sorghum salt tolerance. The purpose of this study was to further reveal the potential salt-tolerant molecular mechanisms of sweet sorghum through high-throughput sequencing analysis of the transcriptome. Finally, through high-throughput sequencing, we read approximately 54.4G of raw base and 53.7G of clean base in total, and used FastQC to assign a quality score (Q) to each base in the read using a similar phred algorithm, Analysis shows that the data is highly credible. We conclude that RNA-based transcriptome characterization will accelerate the study of genetics and molecular biology of sweet sorghum salt tolerance mechanisms and provide a framework for this. Overall design: Transcriptional profile of non-coding RNA in two sweet sorghum strains was examined.


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