Study : Genebank resequencing of tetraploid cottons


Genebank resequencing of tetraploid cottons
Modern cultivated tetraploid cottons contain two species, Gossypium barbadense and Gossypium hirsutum. Among them, G. hirsutum is the significant species cultivated worldwide and contributes more than 90% natural fiber for the industry. To completely reveal the genetic diversity and population divergence within cultivated tetraploid cotton, we resequenced more than 1,700 accessions, which mostly included the South-China landraces, the elite introgression lines, and the obsoleted historic varieties. After integrating them with the major public resequencing data (PRJNA257154, PRJNA336461, PRJNA375965, PRJNA399050, and PRJNA414461), we obtained a whole Genebank variation map contained 3,248 tetraploid cottons (included 2,922 G. hirsutum). This variation map covered more than 1/3 of current G. hirsutum Genebank in China (~9,000 accessions), which could represent the genetic diversity of G. hirsutum.


Accession number Name Taxon