Study : RNA-Seq of flowering progress in pitaya


RNA-Seq of flowering progress in pitaya
To further explore the molecular mechanisms of flowering regulation in pitaya, we used de novo RNA sequencing-based transcriptomic analysis for four stages of pitaya subjected to light induction. We assembled 68113 unigenes in total, of which 29782 unigenes with functional annotations in the Nr database, 20716 annotations in SwissProt, 18088 annotations in KOG, and 11059 annotations in Kegg Overall design: The plant material is Jindu No.1 red meat pitaya, which is located in Enhong Agricultural Technology company of Dongfang city, Hainan province. The pitaya plants at one year growth status were selected to supplementary light in night. The lighting period was from January 1st to March 31. We divided the experiment into four stages, including NL represents no light, L0 represents no flowering after light treatment, L1 represents flower bud stage after light treatment, L2 represents flowering about a week stage after light treatment.


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