Study : Nelumbo nucifera Raw sequence reads


Nelumbo nucifera Raw sequence reads
Lotus (N. nucifera), which belongs to the family of Nelumbonaceae, is a basal eudicot [31]. It takes a very important position in plant phylogenetics. Besides, it is also an important aquatic horticultural plant with great value.However, the genome is far less than well annotated because of the short reads and abundant repeat sequences. The current transcriptomic analyses were focusing on different traits of the domesticated lotus cultivars, these data could not greatly help to improve the annotation. Furthermore, AS information are also needed to distinguish the transcripts from homolog genes and the different transcripts from the same gene in order to conduct a better annotation.Here, we apply a hybrid strategy combining single-molecule real-time sequencing and Illumina RNA-seq to have a comprehensive insight into the transcriptomic landscape.


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