Study : Amaranthus tuberculatus Transcriptome or Gene expression


Amaranthus tuberculatus Transcriptome or Gene expression
Whole transcriptome comparisons between herbicide-resistant and herbicide-sensitive Amaranthus tuberculatus untreated leaf samples were conducted to identify differentially expressed genes involved in resistance to 2,4-D and the HPPD-inhibiting herbicide tembotrione. Two populations resistant to both herbicidal modes of action, one from Nebraska (NEB) and one from Illinois (CHR), were studied using an RNA-seq approach on F2 mapping populations to identify the genes responsible for resistance. Within each F2 population, plants were phenotyped and grouped into four categories: (1) RR, resistant to both 2,4-D and tembotrione; (2) RS, resistant to 2,4-D and sensitive to tembotrione; (3) SR, sensitive to 2,4-D and resistant to tembotrione; and (4) SS, sensitive to both 2,4-D and tembotrione. The four most resistant and sensitive in each category were selected for RNA extraction.


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