Study : A DNA methylation reader complex that enhances gene transcription


A DNA methylation reader complex that enhances gene transcription
DNA methylation generally functions as a repressive transcriptional signal, but it is also​ ​known to activate gene expression. In either case, the downstream factors remain​ ​largely unknown. By using comparative interactomics, we isolated proteins in Arabidopsis​ ​thaliana that associate with methylated DNA. Two SU(VAR)3-9 homologs, the transcriptional​ ​antisilencing factor SUVH1, and SUVH3, were among the methyl reader candidates. SUVH1​ ​and SUVH3 bound methylated DNA in vitro, were associated with euchromatic methylation in​ ​vivo, and formed a complex with two DNAJ domain-containing homologs, DNAJ1 and DNAJ2.​ ​Ectopic recruitment of DNAJ1 enhanced gene transcription in plants, yeast, and mammals.​ ​Thus, the SUVH proteins bind to methylated DNA and recruit the DNAJ proteins to enhance​ ​proximal gene expression, thereby counteracting the repressive effects of transposon​ ​insertion near genes. Overall design: This dataset includes: 4 ATAC-seq, 26 ChIP-seq, 14 whole genome bisulfite seq (WGBS) and 45 RNAseq datasets.


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