Study : Calohypnum plumiforme Transcriptome or Gene expression


Calohypnum plumiforme Transcriptome or Gene expression
To study the inter-populations and intra-populations differential expression of Hypnum plumaeforme Wils. under drought stress and intra-populations differential expression in control treatment, two populations of moss were collected from mountain Lu (9°26´-29°41´N,115°52´-116°8´E)in Jiangxi province and Heishiding Nature Reserve (23°27′N, 111°53′E) in Guangdong Province. The collected H. plumaeforme were acclimated in a wet valley of Heishiding Nature Reserve for 1 year. Then, they were immediately removed to greenhouse for 12 days of treatment. Only, drought control sets received 200mL water every 2 days. When the treatment finished, the tender leaves of moss samples were immediately collected for de novo transcriptome sequence. The sampling time is the end point of the optical cycle, avoiding the influence of the black cycle.


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