Study : Ambrosia artemisiifolia Transcriptome or Gene expression


Ambrosia artemisiifolia Transcriptome or Gene expression
Ambrosia artemisiifolia L (A. artemisiifolia) is one of the most aggressive, rapidly spreading and highly allergenic weeds found in many agricultural settings in the temperate zone. Belonging to the Asteraceae family, effective agents to control this weed are limited causing reduced crop yields in fields of maize, sunflower, soya bean and pea in Europe and grains, tobacco and root crops in North America. Therefore dispersion of this weed means global agronomical and public health problems to be solved.For better understanding the genetic regulation of the common ragweed reproduction biology we sequenced the mRNA of flower tissues and leaves of different developmental stages using the Illumina platform. To this end different gender flowers, of this monoecious, dicotyledonous invasive weed were collected from a natural Ambrosia population of a highly infested West-Transdanubian region in Hungary.


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