Study : Platycladus orientalis Raw sequence reads


Platycladus orientalis Raw sequence reads
<![CDATA[Platycladus orientalis, of the family Cupressaceae, is a widespread conifer throughoutChina and is extensively used for ecological reforestation, horticulture, and in medicine.Transcriptome assemblies are required for this ecologically important conifer for understandinggenes underpinning adaptation and complex traits for breeding programs.Terminal buds, microstrobilus (male pollen cones), female strobilus, biennial leaves, and cambiumtissues were collected from five adult P. orientalis trees growing in the Beijing BotanicalGarden (Beijing, China).Total RNA was isolated from each tissue using anRNeasy Plant Mini Kit (Qiagen, Hilden, Germany). In total, 25 RNA samples were prepared,representing, 5 tissue-type from each of the 5 trees. These RNA samples were quantified andthen mixed in equal quantities for RNA-Seq analysis. The mRNA library was constructed following the manufacturer’s instructions in the mRNASeq
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