Study : Quercus lobata isolate:SW786 Genome sequencing and assembly


Quercus lobata isolate:SW786 Genome sequencing and assembly
The goal of this project is to use state-of-the art whole-genome sequencing and assembly approaches to provide a complete, high-quality sequence of the valley oak (Quercus lobata) genome with structural and functional annotations of genic regions and repetitive elements. Assembly Versions ValleyOak1.0: This is the first standard draft of the valley oak genome and is based entirely on Illumina sequence data. Many haplotypes remain as separate contigs or scaffolds. ValleyOak0.5: This Illumina sequence-based assembly has been aggressively haplotype reduced, resulting in very few genome regions represented more than once, but also approximately 100 Mb missing entirely. Haplotype collapsing was performed on a draft assembly before version 1.0 (see above). We have found this version of the genome to be particularly useful as a reference genome for variant calling.
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