Study : Ziziphus jujuba 'Junzao' genome sequencing and assembly


Ziziphus jujuba 'Junzao' genome sequencing and assembly
The jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) (2n=2x=24), native to China, is one of the oldest cultivated fruit tree with more than 7000 years of domestication and utilization history. Jujube is famous as “woody crop” and traditional herbal medicine, and has been the great potential fruit tree and introduced worldwide. Jujube cultivars have been traditionally classified into two major types according to the usage of their fruit, e.g., fresh and dry. The dried jujube accounted for approximately 80% of total production. Recently, the draft sequence of an excellent fresh-cultivar ‘Dongzao’ has been published, sequencing more genome of jujube will enable us understand the domestication progress, genome evolution and also provide strategies for improvements.‘Junzao’ is the most dominant jujube cultivar across China, which has reached ca. 35% of cultivation acreage and contributed to 50% of dried-jujube production. Our genomic sequencing provides insights into the variation and evolution of the jujube genome.


Accession number Name Taxon
CGRIS-ZF0009 Ziziphus jujuba Yongjihamazao
CGRIS-ZF0037 Ziziphus jujuba Zhongyangmuzao
CGRIS-ZF0050 Ziziphus jujuba Linyilizao
CGRIS-ZF0071 Ziziphus jujuba var. spinosa Xianxiansuanzao
CGRIS-ZF0072 Ziziphus jujuba Jinsixiaozao
CGRIS-ZF0078 Ziziphus jujuba huizao
CGRIS-ZF0083 Ziziphus jujuba Dongzao
CGRIS-ZF0085 Ziziphus jujuba Bianhesuan
CGRIS-ZF0105 Ziziphus jujuba Jinzao
CGRIS-ZF0108 Ziziphus jujuba Fengmiguan
CGRIS-ZF0118 Ziziphus jujuba Yuanlingzao
CGRIS-ZF0210 Ziziphus jujuba Tailihong
CGRIS-ZF0217 Ziziphus jujuba Xishuangbannaxiaozao
CGRIS-ZF0229 Ziziphus jujuba var. spinosa Xinjiangxiaoyuanzao
CGRIS-ZF0245 Ziziphus jujuba Zhishegedazao
CGRIS-ZF0257 Ziziphus jujuba Dunhuangdazao
CGRIS-ZF0308 Ziziphus jujuba Shandonglizao
CGRIS-ZF0379 Ziziphus jujuba Lingwuchangzao
CGRIS-ZF0443 Ziziphus jujuba Qiyuexian
CGRIS-ZF0514 Ziziphus jujuba Dayewuhezao