Study : Arabidopsis thaliana cultivar:Columbia-0 Raw sequence reads


Arabidopsis thaliana cultivar:Columbia-0 Raw sequence reads
Little is known about the direct targets of stress-induced ATP hydrolysis. However, two inner mitochondrial membrane proteins, LEUCINE ZIPPER-EF-HAND-CONTAINING TRANSMEMBRANE (AtLETM1, At3g59820 and AtLETM2, At1g65540) have been identified that de-regulate this process. By following the reduction in cellular adenosine 5′-triphosphate (ATP) in wild-type (Col-0) and two independent letm1/LETM2(+/-) lines (two to three biological replicates of each genotype) via NGS showed that the free energy state altered the expression and timing of the circadian clock, as well as optimum plastid function during water deficit stress. Files containing these NGS data are deposited here. Seeds were surface sterilized, directly sown on soil (1:3:1 vermiculite:soil:perlite) and allowed to vernalize for 2 days at 4oC before grown for 43 days after germination (DAG) at 20°C/18°C day/night regime (16h/8h) at a light intensity of 120µmol.m-2.s-1 and 65% relative humidity. For well-watered treatments, 43DAG plants were grown in soil with watering to 90% soil water content every 2 days; for water deficit treatments, 30DAG plants grown as above were discontinued of watering to 40% soil water content and kept constant. The sixth rosette leaf was harvested and used to prepare total RNA. RNA libraries were generated from 500-1000ng of input RNA with the TruSeq Stranded Total RNA with Ribo-ZeroTM Plant kit (Illumina) for Illumina sequencing.


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