Study : Flower development and sex determination in Vernicia fordii


Flower development and sex determination in Vernicia fordii
To further elucidate the molecular mechanism underling sex determination at the divergence stage of male and female flowers, the comparative transcriptome analysis was performed. In total, 56,065 unigenes were generated 24,567 transcripts were identified. Among 608 differential expression genes (DEGs), 310 DEGs showed significant expression in males and 298 DEGs in females. The data showed that the sexual dimorphism of female flowers was affected by jasmonic acid, transcription factors and some genes related with activity of floral meristem, which were considered as the candidate sex determination genes. In this study, interesting information will be provided in understanding the development of unisexual flower and the regulatory networks hidden the sex determination in V. fordii, which is useful for the practice of improving its yield. Overall design: In order to investigate the molecular mechanisms responsible for establishment of unisexual flower in V. fordii, the divergence of male and female developmental stage 7 were sequenced with three biological replicates, respectively.


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