Study : Populus nigra Time course, UGOE dataset


Populus nigra Time course, UGOE dataset
This study, as a time course (TC) study in T1.1 of the project WATBIO, investigates 3 Populus nigra genotypes at different levels of drought stress under tightly controlled environmental conditions. Non-destructive measurements of photosynthesis, water use, and water status will be conducted in addition to NMR for water flux and innovative volatile measurements and leaf turgor. Leaves, developing xylem, and roots will be harvested for transcriptome (RNA-Seq), phosphoproteome and metabolome analyses, as well as for analyses of secondary metabolites, LOX, oxidative stress markers and phytohormones. Carbohydrates, carbon discrimination (13C) and amino acids will also be determined. Wood properties (anatomy, chemical composition, saccharification) will be measured. This set of data comprises the RNAseq data from leafs, fine roots and developing xylem of Populus nigra ecotype Italy plants after 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks of drought treatment and control conditions.


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