Study : Triticum aestivum probe capture sequences


Triticum aestivum probe capture sequences
Wheat breeders and academics alike use Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) as molecular markers to characterise regions of interest within the hexaploid wheat genome. A number of SNP-based genotyping platforms are available depending upon a number of factors such as accessible technologies, number of data points required, budget and the skills present. Unfortunately, markers can rarely be exchanged between the various platforms and between existing and newly developed platforms, such that previously generated data cannot be compared, or combined, with more recently generated datasets. Based upon current trends it is likely that genotyping by sequencing will become the predominant genotyping technology within the next five to ten years. With this in mind; to ensure that legacy data generated from current genotyping platforms continues to be of use, we have designed and utilised SNP-based capture probes from several thousand existing and public probes from Axiom® and KASP™-genotyping platforms. We have validation our capture probes in a genotyping by sequencing protocol using thirty two previously genotyped UK elite hexaploid wheat accessions. Data comparisons between targeted genotyping by sequencing, Axiom® array genotyping and KASP™ genotyping assays, has identified a set of 2,394 probes which reliably bring together targeted genotyping by sequencing data with the publicly available legacy marker dataset. As such these probes, distributed across the genome are likely to be of considerable value to the wheat community. The full set of probes used together with the associated genotyping is publicly available on the CerealsDB website.


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