Study : Paulownia elongata salt stress transcriptome


Paulownia elongata salt stress transcriptome
Certain lignocellulosic biomass can produce higher quantities of biofuel compared to others. Paulownia elongata is a fast-growing species native to China. P. elongata is grown in different climates, types of soils, and is renewable, making the species an ideal candidate for biofuel production. Salinity can dramatically inhibit plant growth and is currently known to affect 20% of the cultivated land around the world. The purpose of this study was to understand the salt-induced transcriptome of P. elongata. The current study indicates that the differential expression of certain genes may have an important role in the adaption of P. elongata during salt stress. Functional characterization of these genes will assist in the future development of salt tolerant P. elongata, which can be used to enhance biofuel production.
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