Study : Danthonia spicata Raw sequence reads


Danthonia spicata Raw sequence reads
Danthonia spicata (Poaceae), commonly known as poverty oatgrass, is a perennial bunch-type grass native to North America. It is a very shade tolerant, drought tolerant and low maintenance grass, frequently found on unimproved turf sites typically under trees. However, it has some disadvantages such as poor seed yield and shattering of seed heads prior to harvest. D. spicata has dimorphic seed heads; the hypothesis is that terminal seed heads allow some level of outcrossing and axial seed heads are only self-fertilized. However, there is no genetic evidence for heterozygosity and outcrossing in the literature. Our objective was to study the diversity and reproductive biology of D. spicata using genomic simple sequence repeat markers (genomic-SSRs). ). Roche 454 sequenced randomly sheared genomic DNA reads of D. spicata were mined for SSRs using the MIcroSAtellite identification tool (MISA).
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