Study : Chlorella sp. “SAG 211-18” strain C596 transcriptome


Chlorella sp. “SAG 211-18” strain C596 transcriptome
Chlorella sp. “SAG 211-18” strain C596 is an industrially relevant green algae because of its ability to synthesize and accumulate lipids, notably triacylglycerides. This collection of transcriptomes was designed to expose strain C596 to a wide range of common conditions potentially occurring at field sites that could induce a stress response in the organism. The organism was exposed to normal growth conditions, high copper, low iron, high salt, high temperature, high light, and nitrogen limiting conditions. The RNA from these samples was sequenced following the Illumina MiSeq protocol after rRNA depletion. Results from these transcriptomes will be discussed in several forthcoming publications. These results will assist in identifying transcripts that can be used to identify stress states in strain C596 and advance the understanding of an organism with limited transcriptomic information available.


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