Study : Bixa orellana isolate:Peruana Roja Transcriptome or Gene expression


Bixa orellana isolate:Peruana Roja Transcriptome or Gene expression
Bixa orellana L., also known as achiote in Mexico, is a tropical perennial and ligneous plant of great agroindustrial interest due to its high content of bixin, an apocarotenoid located mainly in the seeds. Bixin or annatto is an orange-red pigment that has been used for many years as a dye in foods, such as dairy and bakery products, vegetable oils, and drinks. Currently, annatto is traded in large quantities, both nationally and internationally, as demand for natural food dyes has greatly increased. The study goals is identify the Bixa orellana methylerythritol phosphate, carotenoid and bixin pathway genes in order to determine the genes involved in the production of annatto (bixin). The information will help identify the candidate genes and mechanisms for variation of apocarotenoids accumulation in achiote varieties, thus facilitating the genetic improvement of achiote for high bixin content.
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