Study : Zea mays Epigenomics


Zea mays Epigenomics
Opaque2 (O2) is a transcription factor that plays important roles during maize endosperm development. Mutation of the O2 gene improves the nutritional value of maize seeds, but also confers pleiotropic effects that result in reduced agronomic quality. To reveal the transcriptional regulatory framework of O2, we determined O2 DNA binding targets using chromatin immunoprecipitation coupled to high-throughput sequencing (ChIP-Seq). ChIP-Seq analysis detected 1,686 O2 DNA binding sites distributed over 1,143 genes. We identified 4 new O2 binding motifs; among them, TGACGTGG appears to be the most conserved and strongest. We confirmed that, except for the 16 kD and 18 kD zeins, O2 directly regulates expression of all other zeins. O2 directly regulates two transcription factors, genes linked to carbon and amino acid metabolism and abiotic stress resistance. Overall design: Examination of 15 days after pollination(DAP) wild type maize endosperm with O2 specific antibody and IgG serves as control.
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