Study : Ambrosia trifida Transcriptome or Gene expression


Ambrosia trifida Transcriptome or Gene expression
Giant ragweed (Ambrosia trifida) is one of the most competitive annual weeds in corn and soybean production across the eastern Corn Belt in the United States. The use of glyphosate (commercial name: Roundup) and glyphosate-ready crop systems managed to keep giant ragweed population under control for many years. Glyphosate-ready crop systems are genetically resistant to glyphosate, which enables farmers to use glyphosate to control the population of weeds. But in the last decade, glyphosate-resistant giant ragweed has been reported. The transcriptome was sequenced by extracting the total mRNA from leaf disks and performing RNA-Seq. The sequences were assembled using Trinity. Trinotate was then used for annotation. The giant ragweed transcriptome contained 61,000 genes and was found to be 97% complete. The transciptome was sequenced and annotated with the aim of helping understand the mechanisms of resistance to glyphosate.


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