Study : Pisum sativum subsp. sativum strain:CAMEOR Transcriptome or Gene expression


Pisum sativum subsp. sativum strain:CAMEOR Transcriptome or Gene expression
Pea is a strategic crop for Europe, both as a source of dietary protein for animal feed and human food and as beneficial crop in cropping systems. To allow for the development of this crop, higher and more stable yielding pea varieties are needed. However, the genome of pea is large and marker density is too limited for marker-assisted selection and/or gene cloning. The objectives of this project were: - to develop genomic resources that were lacking for identifying new genes and markers in pea and take advantage of the syntenic relationship between pea and its closely related model species M. truncatula, for which numerous genomic resources are available, - to investigate the feasibility of transfer of knowledge from M. truncatula to pea, by analysing the conservation of the genetic and physiological determinants of plant N cycle traits (N acquisition, mobilization and accumulation in seeds). The massive sequencing of pea root, nodule, leaf, stem, pod, flower expressed mRNA and the assembly of these sequences provided a framework for the re-contruction of the corresponding genomic sequences, for SNP discovery and for the design of a microrarray in pea.


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