Study : Oryza sativa Genome sequencing


Oryza sativa Genome sequencing
A set of 101 rice landraces or varieties were collected by Shanghai Agrobiological Gene Center (SAGC) and used as a natural population in the research projects, as well as the parental lines in the breeding program of drought resistant rice. Total DNA was isolated from leaf tissues of each plant using the CTAB method. Paired-end sequencing libraries with insert sizes of 350~450 bp were constructed for each accession according to Illuminas standard instructions. Paired-end 100-bp reads were obtained using the Illumina HiSeq 2000 platform and the raw sequences were further processed to remove adapter pollutions and low quality reads (base quality of more than 50% bases<=5), yielding more than 5 Gb for each accession. The library construction, sequencing and sequence cleaning were carried out by Encode Genomics Bio-Technology Co., Ltd., China.


Accession number Name Taxon