Germplasm: AKER_12195


Germplasm name
Accession number
PI 664916
Accession synonyms
EL61, PI 664916
EL61 is a broad genetic base diploid selected for tolerance to sugar beet cyst nematode (SBCN). EL61 derives nematode resistance via selections and polycrosses from breeding material from USDA-ARS Salinas, CA and East Lansing, MI developed under the same pedigree as the released germplasm EL58. Seed of EL61 was harvested from SBCN donor lines M1-4, P507-303, N172, N112, CR511-7-302, R136, Y277, P207/8, and Y167 after three SBCN selection and polycross cycles in Michigan.
EL61 derives from re-selections taken from moderate SBCN pressure in Michigan derived from the original SBCN enhanced germplasm EL58. From the 2008 SBCN selection nursery, a total of 88 mother roots were harvested from seed of the 2006 greenhouse polycross from M1-4 (4 roots), P507-303 (17 roots), N172 (12 roots), N112 (7 roots), CR511-7-302 (8 roots), R136 (12 roots), Y277 (14 roots), P207/8 (3 roots), and Y167 (11 roots) on the basis on lack of wilting and root size, and these mother roots were intercrossed with the population released as SR99, with seed harvested and combined from the 88 roots and designated EL-A024985. EL61 performed better than SR99 in the 2011 Imperial Valley CA SBCN nursery under severe SBCN pressure (52.3 vs 41.3 lbs/ plot, respectively), however under moderate SBCN pressure in Michigan in 2010, SR99 out-yielded EL61 (77.5 vs 67.0 lbs/ plot, respectively). EL61 is susceptible to Cercospora leaf spot (2009 Frankenmuth, MI 5.7 vs. 5.5 for the susceptible check). Intercrossing EL-A024985 in isolation and without selection resulted in EL61 (EL-A029769).


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Not maintained


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Germplasm Resources Information Network PI 664916 Extrernal distributor


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