Germplasm: AKER_12191


Germplasm name
Accession number
PI 664912
Accession synonyms
EL50/2, PI 664912
EL50/2 is a narrow genetic base, self-sterile, diploid selected for resistance to Cercospora leaf spot of sugar beet. EL50/2 was derived from a re-selection of the highly resistant germplasm EL50 from a Cercospora leaf spot nursery in Michigan in 2003 and seed was increased at West Coast Beet Seed, Co. (Salem, OR) in 2005).
EL50/2 is a reselection from EL50 (PI 598073) for enhanced resistance to Cercospora leaf spot. From the 2003 Cercospora leaf spot nursery, 35 mother roots of EL50 with no or few observable leaf spot lesions were selected from a total of 64 10-meter long plots (ca. 4,000 roots, 1% selected), and seed was harvested from these roots in a greenhouse isolation block and designated EL-A014990. EL-A014990 was tested in the 2004 Cercospora leaf spot nursery in Michigan, and seed was increased in 2005 in Oregon. EL50/2 is seed from this increase, designated EL-A021482, and has served as the resistant check in the Michigan Cercospora leaf spot nursery conducted in conjunction with the Beet Sugar Development Foundation since 2005.


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Not maintained


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Germplasm Resources Information Network PI 664912 Extrernal distributor


AKER collection (Base collection)
Collection AKER (Base collection)