Germplasm: AKER_8490


Germplasm name
Accession number
PI 657940
Accession synonyms
CN12-770, PI 657940
N112 is the progenitor population of CN12-770. N112 is a progeny population from crosses of wild beet (Beta vulgaris subsp. maritima) and sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris). The pedigree is described in detail in the release and registration of population CN12. Individual plants from N112 were selfed and one line, N212-204, was selected based on field trials for powdery mildew, rhizomania, sugarbeet cyst nematode, and curly top resistance. Individual plants from N212-204 were selfed and N412-204-449 was selected. N412-204-449 was selfed and one line, N512-204-449-770, was selected. N512-204-449-770 was increased and named N712-770. N712-770 was released as CN12-770.
CN12-770 is a S3 line tested in the Imperial Valley, CA. It gave the highest percent sucrose and sugar yield with 0% bolting and a very resistant sugarbeet cyst nematode canopy score. It appears to be resistant to Empoasca and/or mites, giving it a stay-green canopy due to its resistance to sugarbeet cyst nematode and powdery mildew resistance.


Presence status
Not maintained


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AKER collection (Base collection)
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