Germplasm: AKER_12173


Germplasm name
Accession number
PI 663214
Accession synonyms
CY91, PI 663214, Y691, Y91
Biological status
Advanced or improved cultivar
CY91 developed by recombining a wide germplasm base of lines selected for virus yellows resistance/tolerance at Salinas, CA. Breeding lines C81-22, C78, C80, C67, C69, Y75 had a long history of selection for virus yellows caused by BYV, BWYV, & BChV. CY91 was originated by recombining selected full-sib progenies from these germplasms. The FSs were selected on the basis of sugar content & yield under both rhizomania & virus yellows condition to create the C1, Syn1 population.
Breeding line CY91 has resistance/tolerance to virus yellows caused by Beet virus yellows, Beet western yellows virus, and Beet chlorosis virus. It segregates for resistance to rhizomania (Rz1) caused by Beet necrotic yellow vein virus. As an open-pollinated line it has high sugar yield and dark green canopy that does not yellow when stressed with nutrient deficiencies (Mn, Mg, Fe, ?) in field tests at Salinas. CY91 should be useful as an advanced source of combined resistance to VY, rhizomania, powdery mildew (quantitative), downy mildew, Erwinia, and other diseases prevalent in the fields in California. CY91 has moderately low resistance to curly top.


Presence status
Not maintained


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Institute Accession number Distribution status
Germplasm Resources Information Network PI 663214 Extrernal distributor


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